Kate Lee

BIOGRAPHY  (English)

Kate Lee (full name Sylvi Kate Lie) was born in Narvik, north part of Norway in 1968. She was the oldest of 3 siblings. Kate has always enjoyed music, especially country music. In the early 80`s she discovered a group called “Country Snakes”, and that was the beginning of Kate`s passion for country music. In the following years she was a member of a choir.

In 1990 she joined the Norwegian Navy for 1 year duty, also onboard a navy-vessel.
During this time she visited a lot of karaoke-clubs were she performed for her navy friends. Kate lived in the south part of Norway during the early 90`s. In 1998 she was back in her hometown Narvik, her son was born and they was now based in Narvik.

At this time she also got to know another country loving singer, today known as B.Thomas, In 1999 / 2000 they started to perfom together as the country duo “Brooks & Tucker”, they was on the road, mostly in the North Part of the country performing cover material from garth Brooks and Tanya Tucker. They splitted up in 2002 when B.Thomas mooved to cental part of Norway And started the country duo “Western Boots” with another female singer.

Kate then started a duo Called “Country Boots” together with another musician from Narvik. When B.Thomas returned To Narvik in 2004, he had the “Western Boots concept in his suitcase, as the only one left of This duo, Kate and the othe musician, Tony Solum then became members of “Western Boots” who was now become a trio under this name. Together they performed for about 1 year. Now Kate was very lucky and got a good relationship to another musican, the  drummer and bassplayer Eivind Nilsen. Together they mooved to the south part of Norway and got new jobs there. The trio”Western Boots” was know Splitted up and also B.Thomas left the trio to become a solo artist. In June 2006 Kate got married with Eivind Nilsen, who is now her husband.


Kate Lee vil etter all sansynlighet starte innspilling av en CD høsten / vinteren 2007 i samarbeid med Redneck Records. Platen vil i så fall ikke bli aktuell for utgivelse før tidligst sommeren 2008.

Kate Laget i 2001 en CD (promo) i et begrenset opplag, platen ble den gang laget av  selskapet "T-Entertainment", nå  Redneck Records.


Noen demoklipp med Kate er tilgjengelig her: MULTIMEDIA


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