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Album: "True Blue Cowboy"  

Tore Håland, Norsk Countryradio (NCR) 

B.Thomas var i Nashville høsten 2007 og spilte inn plata True Blue Cowboy.

Her har han fått med seg dyktige studiomusikere og produsenten Lonnie Ratliff.

De fleste sangene er forholdsvis nye og ukjente, men meget fine og melodiøse. B.Thomas står selv bak sangenTonight i’m leavingnoe som igjen beviser at Norge har gode tekstforfattere. Plata inneholder 10 sanger med tradisjonell Country og alle vil nok finne sine favorittsanger her. Flere av sangene på denne plata har alt klart topp plasseringer på Countrylister, bla Norsk Country Radio`s Top 20 lister. B.Thomas gir av seg selv på denne plata og vi merker fort at han lever for musikken. En ny og sterk plate på det Norske country musikk markedet.


Anmelder: Tore Håland, Bladet DD Country og Norsk CountryRadio (NCR)

Album: "True Blue Cowboy"  

Kai Ulatowski, Western Mail - Country Mag - Tyskland

“True Blue Cowboy”  heter det nye albumet fra den Norske countryartisten  B.Thomas.  Han reiste over til Nashville Tennesse  og laget  denne platen i August 2007. B.Thomas fikk en god produsent og håndplukkede studio musikere å jobbe med.  Platen høres bra ut og det er lett å høre at det er svært gode musikere bak.

B.Thomas medvirker som  tekstforfatter  for ”Tonight I`m Leaving”,  og denne tradisjonelle rolige balladen låter melodiøs og fengende. Jevnt over er denne platen et bra produkt og verd å kjøpe . Det er noe for alle på denne platen.

Album: "True Blue Cowboy"  


Lonnie Ratliff


Every artist a producer works with leaves an impression on him as a person as well as a singer. B.Thomas impressed me as someone who really loves what he is doing and is in the country music business for the long haul no matter what the ups or downs that are sure to come along may have to offer. His interest in all segments of the music business are evidence that he is trying to always improve on the music he has to offer his fans. In the end it is always the music fans that determine an artist's success. There is always the temptation to make an album that other musicians will like but the really successful artists like Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash, and Alan Jackson as well as others have learned that you have to make your music for the fans and not the music industry. B.Thomas seems to have learned this early in his career and I believe this CD reflects that.


For me it is always best to go back a few weeks after you finish a recording project and sit down with a cup of coffee and listen to a CD you have produced from the beginning to end of the CD after you have forgotten all the little things you worked on back in the studio. Once you have a little distance between you and all those hours of work you can just listen to the songs and find out if they turned out the way you hoped they would. That's what I am doing as I write this review and I will make a few notes on a few of the different songs as I listen to them with "fresh ears" as we say here in Nashville.


These are just a few personal song choices of mine and you will probably choose different songs from this CD but that is the beauty of

"True Blue Cowboy" by B. Thomas. There is something there for everyone.


It is always hard to decide which song is the best one to start off the CD with but "I Could Have Been With Her Tonight" just seemed to jump out as the obvious choice on this album. Like they say "It just felt right".


"Did I Open My Eyes" has been one of those songs that we have had in our music catalog since back when Garth Brooks sang the first demo on it  before he was a household name. Canadian artist Brent McAthey had some great success with it on an album back in the mid 90's and I fully expect it may do even better with this release on "True Blue Cowboy".


B. Thomas show us he is capable of handling a heart wrenching ballad on "Don't Turn Out The Light"


Every artist hopes to record a song that will always stand out from the rest and I think "Slow Train Home" has to be that song from this album. This is a song with a message but along with the message it turned out to be a wonderful record that fans will be talking about for years to come if I know anything at all about the music business. "Slow Train Home" was written by Bernie Nelson who also wrote the "Hit"

"Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind" for Confederate Railroad.


"True Blue Cowboy" is probably the "sleeper song" on this album and I suspect it won't take the D.J.'s very long to gravitate to this song as their favorite. You'll probably be hearing this song on Norwegian radio for years to come.


Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old) I would have to say this may be the best vocal performance on the CD in my opinion and Perley Curtis's steel guitar and David Russell's fiddle licks give ole Garth's band a definite run for their money. All and all a great "cut".


Well the CD is through playing and I am out of coffee. Think I will go get another cup of coffee and play it again. Can't get too much of a good thing especially if that good thing is a country CD like True Blue Cowboy.













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